Dance in ancient egypt
A big figurative documentation gives us many examples of dance.

The graceful and quick dancers, briefly dressed and covered with jewels, the who accompany the musicians make us think about our classic and rhythmic dances, but there were also acrobatic dances.

Dance in ancient egypt

The artists of the sound and of the dance are already documented in Khufu’s court and increase in the feudal epoch, when the provincial courts multiplied.

In the New Reign even the private wealthy wanted in their homes musicians and dancers, but it was mostly the ritual in the great sanctuaries that required music and dances.

They were performed by sacerdotal orders, among them, became very important, for the high social position of its members, the order of Amon’s Singers, assigned to the God’s gret temple in Karnak.

In a tomb of the Ancient Reign, a war dance is documented.